The Sequim RC Aeronauts, AMA Club No. 1766, is located at 1747 Towne Road in Sequim, Washington.
The club has been at this location for nearly 30 years. The property is owned by a trust and is leased from them by a local farming family, the Camerons. They in turn have provided us the area necessary for our runway, parking and buildings. They also allow us to connect to their electrical power. This is all free of charge to the club.
Our runway is approximately 400 feet long by 40 feet wide. It is bordered on the north, west and south by open fields used for hay growing and cattle ranging. The pit area is on the east side near the south end of the runway. The prevailing winds are generally from the north to west, depending on our Pacific Northwest weather patterns for the time of year. The weather in the Olympic Peninsula area is mild and allows us to fly all year without major temperature ranges and minimal snowfall. Washington being the ‘Evergreen State’ keeps our area a very pleasant and beautiful place to fly.
Please visit us at the meetings or at the field to learn more about the club. Should you wish to join the club, the annual fees are $50 for an individual, $75 for a family, and $25 for a junior membership (under 18 years of age). An initiation fee for new members is $15 ($7.50 for juniors). Members must also be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) to fly solo at the field. Download an application form here.
Thanks and we’ll see you at the field.