Next meeting date:
October 15, 2019
September Meeting

There were 12 members present at the meeting on the 17th of September. The current paid membership count is now 47 members, with one guest at the meeting, Aidan Lara, joining soon. Aidan is 14 years old. It is great to see a young person interested in our hobby. See the meeting minutes in the Members Only section for more details on the meeting.
September Picnic

We will have our regular post meeting picnic this Saturday the 21st. As always, all members and family are invited and the main courses will be provided by the club. Side dishes are always appreciated.
Safety Items

If you fly FPV, please remember that the AMA requires a spotter to maintain line of sight visual contact, and that spotter must be able to take control of the aircraft if the circumstances dictate. (see the next section on AMA/FAA requirements)
FAA and AMA Requirements

The AMA has a rule regarding FPV operations that states all FPV flyers must have a spotter, and that spotter must maintain line of sight with the aircraft. It also says that the spotter must be able to take over the controls of the aircraft if necessary. Spotters are not a bad idea any time you are flying, but especially helpful for FPV operations, and now are required. Please adhere to the AMA rules.

The FAA issued a rule that now requires your FAA UAS registration number to be displayed on the outside of the airframe. No changes have been made regarding size, specific location on the airframe exterior, etc., so be sure to get your legible registration number on the exterior of all of your aircraft.

The FAA rules regarding UAS operations are in a state of flux and will continue to change for some time. We all need to stay abreast of the changes and abide by them. Stayed tuned...
Air Affaire Challenge

There have been several members that have met the challenge amount so far. Thanks to all for helping us increase our contribution to Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County.

The initial challenge amount is $100, but any amount you can spare is great. 

It isn't too late to make a contribution to VHoCC. Please consider making a cash donation. The club will hold the funds and add them to the final tally for presentation to VHoCC at a later time.