Next meeting date:
August 20, 2019

July Picnic


The picnic will be held on Saturday, the 20th. Burgers, brats, and sausages will be provided. A side dish is always welcome, and most of the time all you need to take home is an empty dish. The weather looks great and there will be lots of flying all day, unless the weatherman is wrong - and he/she is never wrong. Okay, about half the time they are wrong, but it really does look good for Saturday the 20th.


July Meeting

There were 14 members present at the meeting on the 16th of July. The current paid membership count is 46 members. See the meeting minutes in the Members Only section for details.

We still need someone to take over as the Air Affair donations coordinator. The job involves following up past large donors such as Valley View RC, hitting new businesses in the area, and bugging the members to get donations. If you feel like that is something that you could do, please step forward.
Safety Items

As always, keep your hands, arms, legs, ears, eyes, feet, neck, head, hair and other body parts away from propellers. Remember, just like the firearms safety rule that reminds that all guns are loaded, all props are a potential threat if mounted on your electric aircraft (and some gassers with on-board starters can be very dangerous as well). If you must tinker with your electric aircrafts electronics or motor while on the bench, remove the prop - you only need it to fly or check the balance.
Air Affaire Challenge

For two of our fly-ins at our annual fund raiser for Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County (VVoCC), one of our members made cash donations of very generous amounts. That member one day mentioned to me that the other members of the club could make cash donations for VHoCC. I agree, so now we have a challenge  to all members to add to the pot for Hospice. This is beyond anything else you may donate, tickets you buy, or flying at the event. This is really the bottom line goal of our event - to raise money for Hospice.

The initial challenge amount is $100. Matching that would be good, going beyond that amount would be better, but any amount is welcomed. Give what you can, when you can, as often as you can afford. Do the math - with 46 members in the club X $100 = $4,600. We could basically double our donation to VHoCC. Our co-host club in Port Angeles might join in as well and further sweeten the pot.

Please consider making a cash donation. The club will hold the funds until the event is over and add them to the final tally for presentation to VHoCC at a later time.
FAA and AMA Requirements

The AMA has a rule regarding FPV operations that states all FPV flyers must have a spotter, and that spotter must maintain line of sight with the aircraft. It also says that the spotter must be able to take over the controls of the aircraft if necessary. Spotters are not a bad idea any time you are flying, but especially helpful for FPV operations, and now are required. Please adhere to the AMA rules.

The FAA issued a rule that now requires your FAA UAS registration number to be displayed on the outside of the airframe. No changes have been made regarding size, specific location on the airframe exterior, etc., so be sure to get your legible registration number on the exterior of all of your aircraft.

The FAA rules regarding UAS operations are in a state of flux and will continue to change for some time. We all need to stay abreast of the changes and abide by them. Stayed tuned...