Next meeting date:
February 19, 2019
January Meeting

There were 22 members present at the meeting on the 15th of January.
We currently have about 20 paid members for 2019 (a lot of you renewed at the meeting). Member dues are now due, so it is time to re-up your membership. Also remember to stay current with AMA if you want to fly at the field. Check you membership status with AMA as the membership term is for one year from your sign-up date.
Safety Items

Good news - no safety issues have been identified in the past month.
Upcoming Upkeep

If you have been to the field lately you may have noticed the condition of the driveway from Towne Road to the parking area. We filled some holes last year with gravel, but the large amount of large vehicle traffic in and out and the annual weather pattern (read: rain) has made those repairs disappear. It is obvious that we will again need to do some maintenance on the driveway. A work party will be announced when we are ready. The main impact on the club is the cost, which could run into a few hundred dollars or more. Stay tuned for more...
Airport Days - Summer 2019

The Olympic RC Modelers have invited us to join them at the William R. Fairchild Airport in Port Angeles for the Airport Days event. This is the annual event at the airport that brings in the Collins Foundation and their WWII bombers and fighters. The r/c area will be for both static and flight, so the more aircraft the better. Details are still being worked out and we will keep you up to date as we learn more. This event is scheduled for late June so we all have plenty of time to plan for it.
Christmas Dinner 2019

No, you haven't been in a coma for several months, we just need to decide on a place to hold our 2019 dinner so that we can get it reserved. Several locations are being considered. We are also planning for it to be a joint dinner with the Olympic RC Modelers (P.A. club). Other venues besides the Mariner will give us a bit more time to socialize and might even provide bar service and special menus if we can commit to a large enough group. Any ideas are welcome.
Battery Charging Update - Jan. 21, 2019

The new battery charger is up and running at the field. It is a 4 station unit, laid out just like the current chargers. There is a small difference in the set-up for charging - you can input the mah rating of the battery and it will automatically adjust the charge rate to 1C. For example, inputting 2500mah will set the charge rate to 2.5 amps, 3300mah will result in a charge rate of 3.3 amps. You still have the option to increase the charge rate if you like.
If you are unsure how to use it, please ask for help.

The max charge rate is 10 amps per station (nearly twice the ability of the current chargers), so the larger batteries will be able to charge faster and get you back in the air sooner. Because of the higher output, it does have a much louder and larger fan to cool it, so don't be worried something is wrong with the unit when you hear it whirring away.
EV-Peak CQ3
EV-Peak CQ3

This is our new charger. It looks and operates very similar to the ones we have at the field and all know how to use, so an easy addition to the club. The max charge rate is 10 amps at all 4 stations.

More information
Battery Charging

With the ever increasing number of electric powered aircraft comes a corresponding increase in the battery charging going on at the field. It is becoming common to have all 8 charging stations in use at any one time. There have been two solutions put forth: 1 - charge only one battery at a time, and promptly remove it when charged (your name on your battery would let other members notify you when charging has completed as the beep indicators can be hard to hear over running engines and other noise), and 2 - see above update.